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How AI Will Impact SEO


The basis of Search Engine Optimization never changes. It works on algorithms. Google search engine also works based on algorithms, so depending on how the algorithms work for Indexing, Crawling and Ranking, there are two types of algorithms “Core Updates” and “Broad Core Update”.

Google tells you that if you follow all the basic SEO things, your website has a higher chance of ranking.

How AI will impact SEO

AI Artificial Intelligence is man-made computer software, we can say that it is a program that communicates with humans. Changes have been brought into this software according to time.

But over time, people used it so much that it started affecting the human thinking ability and people also started misusing it.

The misuse of the method of ranking websites with the help of AI has increased so much that people have started getting wrong and misleading information.

Therefore, to prevent such websites from dominating and to stop those who do so, Google keeps updating its algorithms from time to time.

When observed, AI emerges as a technology streamlining tasks, enabling individuals to maximize their productivity during working hours. From an SEO standpoint, showcasing a website in search results authentically doesn’t necessarily require absolute AI dominance. While this concept may seem unconventional, let me illustrate with an example.

If you’re a civil engineer who has authored a blog on your website discussing research on a particular disease using AI, and your friend, a doctor, has also written a blog on the same topic incorporating his perspectives and adhering to SEO guidelines, it’s likely that your friend’s blog will take priority in search results. Even if your blogs are more informative, longer, and easier to read than your friend’s blog.

Google is such a famous company that people trust and ask their questions so it is the responsibility of Google to provide correct information to the people. So Google gives core updates, so let us know the major updates of Google.

1. Panda Update

What used to happen before 2011 was that we copied content from some other website and this is called low-quality Content, then Google started observing such things as Duplicate, Keyword Stuffing, Repetitive Keywords, Spammy, Spin Content, and so on.

TIP : To prevent this, We should not use duplicate content, we should get quality content, and writers should write new content.

2. Penguin Update

The Penguin Update was launched in 2012.

Since the Penguin update, Google has down-ranked websites that use Low-Quality Backlinks, Manipulated or Spammy Links, and Irrelevant, Over-Optimized Anchor Text.

The purpose of the Penguin update was to increase the quality of backlinks and their effectiveness, and this update became part of the broad core algorithm in 2016.

TIP: To Avoid Such Situations, build quality backlinks and create backlinks on high authority domains.

3. Hummingbird Update

This algorithm was introduced to prevent Keyword Stuffing and Improve Content Quality.

There was a major change in search engines as a whole, thereby improving both the quality and speed of search results, the Hummingbird update reduced keyword density and the impact of over-optimized SEO page.

TIP : To Avoid This Effect of the Algorithm, do not stuff keywords, check the density of keywords over time, and write quality content.

4. RankBrain Update

The RankBrain Update was launched in 2015.

RankBrain helps Google understand queries that haven’t been searched before.

It is a machine learning algorithm that helps the system understand a particular unique search query based on pre-existing data that has not been searched before, understand what the particular unique search query means and what is its intent.

TIP : RankBrain is one of the important updates of Google. Google has never publicly explained how RankBrain works. But 20% of queries made on Google are unique and RankBrain helps Google understand them.

5. Medic Update

The Medic Update was launched in 2018.

Medic is not the main algorithm of 2018, but the factor of the medic concept is based on E.A.T. – Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

On this, Google wants to say how Expert is the content creators in their field in creating the content of websites and blogs ?

How much Authority do those content and blog writers have in their field?

How Trustworthy is the website?

TIP : On this, Google wants to say how Expert is the content creators in their field in creating the content of websites and blogs.

6. Bert Update

When BERT was launched in 2019, it was launched only in the US with 10% of English language searches.

Apart from English, BERT is being used the most in 6 languages, so no matter what language your website or blog is in, BERT has an Impact on your Traffic.

BERT is a Neural Language Model that helps computer systems understand the meaning of a word in a natural way.

TIP : Bert’s work for only to understand the words typed in the Google search bar.

7. Page Experience Update

This new ranking algorithm was announced in 2020

Tip : The algorithm checks that the user experience of the website is good, load time is short, page is running smoothly, quality content is there, Google will rank that page high on Google.

The Link Spam Update was launched in 2021.

Google will better understand link spam with this Spamming core update.

B Google’s system affects on spam links and links that Unnaturally Boost Search Rankings.

9. Helpful Content Update

Like the Panda and Penguin updates, the only helpful content update that was launched in 2022. It is a Sitewide Signal.

To Avoid the Affects of Update,

  • Whatever content you write, you should have knowledge and experience, do not create a blog by reading someone’s blog.
  • The website should have a specific purpose, do not create a website just to earn income.
  • Provide complete information to your visitors
  • It is important whether you are following the guidelines given in the product review update in your content or not.

If your content is created with AI and Tool then your content will not rank.

TIP : Google has given a tagline – For The People By The People, this means that Google wants to remove the content written by SEO which is written only for the purpose of ranking.

10. Spam Update

This update was launched in 2023.

TIP : Google’s spam policy Targets these main topics Cloaking, Hacked Content, Auto-Generated Content, and Scraped Content.


In the article I want to say that write Original, Experienced Content which is useful for the reader and that content should be Written by an Authorized Person.

If you are creating a business website or blog for ranking then you will not rank on the search engine (Google).

Your Website Ranks Automatically if you are following the search engine (Google) algorithm guidelines. Also, you have to update your business website or blog content because when the algorithm updates then some of your content is not suitable for this update and the algorithm affects your ranking on it will be down.

Due to the Excessive Use and Misuse of AI, the search engine (Google) keeps bringing new updates so that people can get correct and true information.

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